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FREE E-BOOK "8 Steps To Thriving in the Restaurant Business"

FREE E-BOOK "8 Steps To Thriving in the Restaurant Business"

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As a restaurant entrepreneur, you know that it takes a variety of talents to succeed in the restaurant business. It starts with a love of food and along the way demands that you become a manager, an accountant, a marketer, and a customer service representative. You have to motivate, monitor, hire, fire, cook, count, cost out, counsel, negotiate, put out firesÖ whewÖ and thatís all before noon! I canít think of any other business in the world that demands so many disciplines of its key people.

This book will add to those disciplines by unveiling proven techniques that will help maximize your restaurantís income. You can do that only by maximizing your customerís dining experience. If you own a restaurant or are starting a restaurant, this guide is an indispensable tool designed to not only help you surviveÖ but thrive!

This 30 page e-book reveals 8 cutting edge steps that'll kick start your restaurant! You can thrive vs. survive in today's competitive restaurant environment and beat the big boys at their own game!

  • Getting and Managing the RIGHT PEOPLE!
  • Implementing an Email Based Newsletter for Pennies! Very Cutting Edge!
  • Daily Specials - The Hidden Secret of Success!
  • Understanding Your Money!
  • Unlock the Entertainment Value of Dining!
  • and More!
Written and explained in easy to implement steps by Jeffrey L. Richards, CPA and restaurant entrepreneur.

Any one of the 8 Steps to Thriving in The Restaurant Business can save you or make thousands of dollars!